Our Youth Group is set up for youth from 6th grade through 12th Grade. We have a specific format that we follow each Wednesday evening. 

6:30 pm - Dinner time!!  We serve dinner to all the Youth involved with our Group.  This also a time of fellowship for the kids as they come off a full day of school.  At time to sit and visit with their friends and catch up.

7:00 pm - Around this time we come to a time of musical worship and sing songs

7:15 pm -- Evening Lessons (Students learn about relevant life situations and lessons that can be applied to their Faith Walks). We will be splitting up our Junior High and Senior High for lessons throughout the year. If we do not split up for the lesson, we will split up for a discussion portion.

8:00 pm - Youth Group is over for the night.

  With our lesson plans, we work on the subjects that are directly affecting the teens in our community; some are fun while others are a little more difficult.  Our goal is to plant the Christian seed in all of them to help them deal with situations, in a Christ-like manner, they may face at school with friends and at home with family.  It is imperative to teach our youth how a Christian foundation can help them deal with any issue in a Christ-like manner while also being polite and respectful.  

If you have any questions on Youth Group, please contact Pastor Andrew at 605-256-2162.



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