With our missional work, we follow our church's mission statement of "Love God and Love Neighbor."  Our Missions Committee is constantly working on new projects and new efforts that allow us to be the hands and feet of Christ through our works of faith.

Our current Mission Project for the month of August is Health Kits (Current and Prior month missions and needs listed below).

August - Health Kits


Hand Towel* (15"x25" to 17"x27") - 70

Washcloth - 20

Large Sturdy Comb (longer than 6") - 75

Bath Size Soap** (3 oz and larger) - 68

Toothbrush (adult size) - 63

Adhesive Bandages*** (3/4" to 1" in size) - 126

One Gallon Size Plastic Bags - 66

*No cleaning or microfiber towels please
**No Ivory or Jergens soap due to moisture content
***At least a six-count package of bandages

JUNE - Layette Kits

Still Need
Sweater or Jacket - 7

JULY - School Kits

Still Need
Rulers - 21
Pencil sharpeners - 21