Sponsoring the Gathering Meal

If you are interested in sponsoring/serving a Gathering Meal, here is some information to know:

1.  Your team is responsible for providing the main course, a vegetable, fruit, bread, and dessert.  Your team will prepare the meal, set up the dining area, serve the meal, and clean up after the meal.  (According to state health guidelines the main course must be prepared on site.)

2.  You will need at least 12-15 team members for the event.  Your team will have the opportunity to enjoy the meal with the guests, so prepare the meal for approximately 130 people.

3. 4-5 team members should prepare the meal and set up the dining area.  Suggested time would be from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

4.  The rest of your team should arrive around 4:00 pm, to help serve the meal, and then plan to stay until 7:00 pm or later to help with clean up. 

The Meal is served from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

***If you are interesting in serving/sponsoring a Gathering Meal, we will be happy to schedule a time for you to serve.  You can contact the Gathering Coordinator, Pastor Barry, or Pastor Charlie at 605-256-2162. You may also contact us via the form below!***

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